In 2022, the Jefferson Library at Monticello celebrates its 20th anniversary. From its beginnings as just an idea for a “scholarly campus” to the busy center of discovery and connection it has become, the library has experienced great growth and change over the last two decades. In this exhibit we tell the story of the library so far through the lenses of place, people and community, collections, and contribution.

This online exhibit is a companion site to the exhibit in the Jefferson Library lobby which is open to the public and on view through January 2023.

"Opening this magnificent new library in [Thomas] Jefferson's name, we again unfurl the glorious banners of liberal education, the open mind, the pursuit of truth, freedom of religion, the free and open exchange of ideas, the love of learning . . . "

- Address by David McCullough at the Jefferson Library's Dedication, April 13, 2002

Jefferson Library Timeline (1994 - 2022)

View from upper level of a library with wood-paneled walls and a large bay window

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As we commemorate this important milestone in the history and development of the Jefferson Library, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation extends our heartful thanks to The Joseph and Robert Cornell Memorial Foundation, the Estate of Jane Tarleton Smith Moore, the Estate of Rene A. Muller, and the many generous friends of the Library for their ongoing support.

Exhibition curated and designed by:

Anna Berkes, Public Services and Collection Development Manager, Jefferson Library

Whitney Pippin, Scholarly Programs Coordinator, Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies